Where the Rainbow Ends issue number 1 PDF

I’m very happy to finally say that issue #1 is available as a PDF for viewing on your computer, or iPad, right now! ¬†You’ll be able to read hardcopies soon but with modern publishing what it is now, why wait?
24 pages. Full Color. 1.99

Preview Images:

10 Responses to Where the Rainbow Ends issue number 1 PDF

  1. Even :3 says:

    So you have to pay for it. To bad :/

  2. Exa says:

    @ Even :3
    its two USD you cheap bastard.

  3. Calypso says:

    Hurrrrrrrr durrrrrrrr derp !!!

  4. Tony S. says:

    While the skill of the drawing and colouring is amazing, I still do not know anything about the story itself. If I had a proper teaser/intro to the story of the comic, I’d buy it if I knew the story was worth it. But alas, even two dollars are dear to even me these times (yeah, I’m not the only one in the world thinking this).
    I know this makes me sound like a douche, but you’re also trying to make money – and I can understand why in these times.

    At any rate; I will have this article bookmarked, at least until when or if I can afford to spend monies.

    Also, to possible future random comments; It’s life, suck it. It’s how life treats you. Get used to it and stop bitching. True story.
    (If he author finds this far too offensive, feel free to edit this comment. I’m merely putting things out on the line for all the ignorant, whining kids.)

    • Carsten says:

      totally cool. I will try to do better about communicating what the story is about and posting more in depth things while creating the next issue. That’s the great thing about digital publishing is it’s not going to “sell out”, if you know what I mean. So check back often, I’ll be posting some free one or two page comics on the blog to help introduce readers to the characters and stuff in a week or so. Hopefully you like what you see. :D
      Thanks for taking the time to write, all of you :)

  5. cluster- says:

    Looks great, I can totally afford $2 (na nana na naanaa *teasing*) I’ll buy it. :3 <3

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